So last night I had a nightmare that had me screaming out loud in my sleep. In my dream I was in a small, dark room by myself when I felt the arrival of a menacing, heavy presence right beside me. It chilled me and whispered mean, threatening words to me. My body shook with fear as I screamed and tried to get away. But I couldn’t move. And there was nowhere to go. I noticed the presence of other people outside the door to my small cell, and I called to them to come rescue me, to come turn on the light to dispel the darkness surrounding me. But no one came.


In the midst of my great fear and despair, I heard a voice inside me saying, “Turn on your own light.” And in that moment a spark lit in my heart and flashed into flame, shining out and lighting up the dark room I was trapped in. I could see that there was nothing there to harm me but my fear. The light kept growing and spreading out in the world—radiating love and dispelling fear and despair. And I awoke, filled with hope.


I thought this might be a relevant message to share as I am seeing so much fear and despair flowing through my Facebook feed. “Turn on your own light!” Fill yourself with love. Shine it first in your own life, then out in the world around you. When we can move from fear and despair to love, that is when we are standing in a place of power. From there we can act to create positive change in the world.