So as I was writing about grief this morning, twice (and this has never happened before) a hummingbird flew right up to my window and paused, looking in at me before flying away. A gift of joy. How sweet! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


And here is a little bit of what I was writing about…


I wanted to get in touch with my grief, the grief I had ignored, denied and stuffed down in the tissues of my body and in the objects around me. I was ready, and it was time. But I couldn’t really access it. So I called on my Spirit Guide, a Luminous Warrior, to help me.


I journeyed to visit him, and found myself lying beside a river on the bank. My body was covered in mud that was caked all around me like a hive. Bees were buzzing all around me. I felt stuck, trapped. I called on the Luminous Warrior to help me. And there he was, standing above me with a hatchet. He swung it up, over his head, and brought it down hard, right in the center of my chest. It broke me open, and light and honey came flowing out of my heart. It flowed down my body and into the river.


My Luminous Warrior Guide showed me that our grief and pain holds back our light. That’s what our wounds and our secrets block. And breaking open instead of breaking apart brings us to the light, and that allows us to feast on the sweetness that flows though our life and to share it with others.


The medicine people of the Andes call this light energy “sami” and they liken it to nectar–the sweetness that hummingbirds drink from flowers. The gift of the hummingbirds’ visit today reminds me to drink deeply of the sweet nectar of life, of the sami that comes from the healing of opening my heart.

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