The night sky was a deep, luminous, rich black. And the vine encircling the Shining One was so green! There was such a sweet, sweet feeling of love surrounding me here, I was content to rest in its glow. Then the Shining One began singing and an offshoot of that most beautiful green vine began sprouting out of my heart. As the singing continued, my vine grew. It reached out from me into the world, connecting me with the people around me, linking me to the earth and the heavens. Its bright, vibrant green energy was growing and weaving me to everything. There were tiny pink flowers on my vine, and some white ones too.


It seemed like the Shining One’s song made the vine grow, directed where it extended itself, where and when it sprouted and blossomed. And as the plant spread, the love spread with it. The love was almost visible, as sparkling, glittering light exploded from the vine. And when the glittery sparkle landed on me, it was exquisite bliss. The songs brought me so much joy, and the connection—ecstasy. I felt my vine moving about the world, connecting with and sharing the sparkle love with everyone I met. It was so beautiful. My heart just opened more and more. Each time I thought I was completely full of the divine experience, the Shining One would sing another song and the vine of love would grow some more. It was absolutely the most beautiful, moving experience ever. And then I wrapped myself in the love vine too. So much love, sweetness, delight, ecstasy I was even more content to bask in this respite of green sparkle love. I felt like I never wanted to move from this spot.


The Shining One must have sensed my reluctance to follow the vine. He stopped singing, and the tendrils curled back into my heart and the feelings of bliss faded. He looked at me, deep into my eyes, and said, “Sweet One, this vine is not a gift to be kept to yourself. It is a gift to be shared. May this vine be your teacher, may it show you the way to be in the world. As this vine has blessed you, may you use it to bless the world!” He pressed his forehead to mine, just for a moment, and I heard his song singing through me. Then he stepped back, turned around and was gone into the dark night.


I was alone, bereft of the vine, the song, and the Shining One. I felt lost without the connection the vine had brought me. Maybe the Shining One was right and it was no longer the time for me to keep the blessings of Spirit to myself. Maybe the only way to hold on to a gift is by sharing it. I wasn’t sure how to do that, so remembering the Shining One’s message, I prayed, “Vine of Life, Love, Light, Peace, Joy, Bliss, Ecstasy, Connection and Oneness, please teach me how to extend myself out into the world, sharing the gifts of light and love you have blessed me with.”


I heard the song of the vine echoing through my mind once again, and I began to softly sing it out loud. As I did, the vine emerged from my heart, reaching out to connect with the world around me. As I sang a bit louder and stronger, the pink and white flowers began to blossom and emit glittery sparkles, the and the feelings of love and bliss within me grew. I stepped out into the night, leaving my comfortable resting place, and I followed where the vine led me. The glittery love sparkles broadcast seeds of the love vine into other people’s hearts, and soon vines were sprouting from the hearts of people everywhere. And feelings of love, bliss and ecstasy were magnified throughout the world.


Vine of Life, Love, Light, Peace, Joy, Bliss, Ecstasy, Connection, and Oneness, thank you, thank you, thank you for allowing me to entwine the gifts of the Shining One with the hearts of all those I meet!



Artist Credit: Kathy Malone of Kathy’s Mandalas