Healing Sessions


Individual healing sessions can lead to deep personal transformation.  In a healing session, Maureen works with Luminous Healers and Guides to help you access the innate healing abilities of your own body and spirit in a powerful and yet gentle way. Maureen can help you to remember who you really are and reconnect you to your power and true essence.  Sessions last approximately 60-90 minutes and can be held in person or by phone. Step into ceremony and receive the rites that will aid you in stepping more fully into your destiny and prepare you for the time to come.





Maureen creates a safe environment of sacred space and calls in the healing energy of Divine love that you can use to transform your health and life.  She uses a combination of energy medicine techniques drawing from the ancient wisdom of indigenous shamanic healing practices and more modern techniques from the Healing Touch program.

By tapping into the power of Divine healing love, you can look at your life with eyes of compassion and bring honoring and gratitude to your places of pain, frustration and difficulty.  This allows you to release these behaviors, habits, or energies that are no longer serving you or keeping you stuck.   And once you clear away the unconscious, old, unhelpful patterns and habits and pain, you are then free to consciously choose to create what you would like to see in your life.



We will begin by clearing away heavy energy and imprints from the energy blueprint of your luminous energy field and physical body, which may be causing you physical or emotional pain, fear and anxiety, or ineffective or harmful habits or patterns of thought or behavior.



After the physical and energy body has been cleared of the heavy energy that was holding you back from living the life of your dreams, the next step is to focus on helping you to create what you do want—dreaming your best life into being, calling in your vitality, essence and highest destiny, gathering gifts of power, and creating a life of joy, harmony, freedom and abundance.



Ceremony and honoring are important acts for healing and creating the changes you wish to see in your life.  With your input, Maureen will help you integrate the changes in your life, and then together you will begin to create a new map to guide you in moving forward in your soul’s journey.


If you are ready to open your heart to the healing power within you to create the life of your dreams, schedule a healing session.  It would be her honor to work with you.


Once purchased, Maureen will contact you to schedule an appointment.  If you have questions or limited availability for scheduling, please email Maureen before purchase.