Space Clearing & Blessing


Let Maureen clear away heavy energy that no longer serves you from your home. Anchor in the vibrations of love, peace and harmony so you can truly feel held, supported and at home. Maureen also offers a remote option that focuses on clearing the energetic ley lines and vortexes of your property. She then works to remotely raise the energetic vibration of these energy centers.





This service can also be helpful if you are buying or selling a home.  Maureen can help you to transplant the happy feelings and memories from your old home to your new one, and help you create a welcoming vibe for new buyers.  Bless your home and it will bless you!


Before the visit, Maureen will assess the energy ley lines and vortexes of the property, clear away all lower vibrational energies and entities, and raise the overall vibration of the space.  During an onsite visit Maureen continues to clear away any lingering energies, and creates a ritual of blessing along with the homeowner.  Working together we will anchor the intentions you have for your space.  This visit also includes a complementary Space Clearing and Blessing Kit.


Once purchased, Maureen will contact you to schedule an appointment.  If you have questions or limited availability for scheduling, please email Maureen before purchase.

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