Maureen Marhayla

Raising the light, healing the soul.

Walk this healing path with  me.  Find yourself again.  Discover who you really are, who you have always been.  Reclaim your open heart and powerful voice and become the beautiful creator of the life you want to live!

- Maureen Marhayla

Sacred Services

Individual sacred services can lead to deep personal transformation.  Let Maureen help you to remember who you really are and reconnect you to your true power.

Support Store

Maureen offers a selection of items to assist you in any clearing, healing, and blessing rituals.  These specially crafted kits, items, and materials are available to all.

Events & Workshops

Maureen's events helps to encourage small groups to explore the dynamics of their own healing processes.  They empower people to take charge of the direction of their life path.

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What you resist persists.

What you accept you can affect.

What you love you can heal.

And where there is great love, there is the possibility for miracles.

~ Maureen Marhayla

Raising the Light.  Healing the Soul.   Learn More >

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