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Open Heart, Powerful Voice

by Maureen Marhayla

Overwhelmed, Exhausted, Depleted, Completely Drained, And Lying Low

So, how have you been feeling lately? Whew, I have been exhausted. A friend recently admitted that she has been feeling too tired and overwhelmed to do the work of Spirit, and asked if I had ever felt that way as well. And I was so grateful that she had the courage to reach out…
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Free Oneness Blessings at SHIFT Charlotte

Come Experience the Oneness Blessing at SHIFT Charlotte this Saturday, March 25. SHIFT Charlotte is an amazing Mind Body Spirit Event with great speakers, readers and vendors. Find out more and get your tickets at I will be on the vending floor offering free Oneness Blessings, and selling my space clearing kits and Handbook…
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  The night sky was a deep, luminous, rich black. And the vine encircling the Shining One was so green! There was such a sweet, sweet feeling of love surrounding me here, I was content to rest in its glow. Then the Shining One began singing and an offshoot of that most beautiful green vine…
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Turn On Your Own Light

    So last night I had a nightmare that had me screaming out loud in my sleep. In my dream I was in a small, dark room by myself when I felt the arrival of a menacing, heavy presence right beside me. It chilled me and whispered mean, threatening words to me. My body…
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Guiding Principles of “The Shaman’s Way”

  My experience studying and engaging in ceremony with shamans from the Andes mountains in Peru and here in the United States has had a big impact on my healing journey.  The perspective of the Peruvian shamans that had the biggest influence on me was that of ayni—the idea of being in right relationship with…
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Let’s Talk Politics and Change the World

    So, let’s talk politics. (LOL! I can’t believe I even just said that!) Think of your preferred presidential candidate. What are three things you admire, respect, or honor about them? Now, think of that other candidate—the one you can’t stand. What are three things you really hate about them? Okay, now before we…
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My Healing Heart

Broken Heart,    No Voice Closed Heart,                                   Silent Voice Fearful Heart,                                                        …
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Claiming Marhayla

  Maureen Marhayla So I was given a new name about eight years ago in a dream. A healing name, for when I am ready to step into my power. I’ve tried a few times to use it, but it never felt quite right. I liked the sound of it—Mar-hay-la. I wondered what it meant.…
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Healing Paths

  When we experience trauma we have several options about what path we want to take in terms of dealing with it. Sometimes, when we are so stunned by pain and grief, we hold on to the trauma and let it define who we are and how we experience the world. The impact was so…
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